Smart tips to increase smartphone battery life

In the age of digital world and social media, smartphone is the need of everyone.

Due to excessive use of internet and camera on mobile phone, its battery drains quickly.

We are going to tell you some tips related to the phone battery, which can get rid of you from charging the phone again and again.

The higher the refresh rate of the phone, the higher will be the battery consumption. You can set the refresh rate to auto by going to the phone's rating,

You can also set the display to auto brightness mode along with the refresh rate. Excessive brightness also drains your phone's battery quickly.

You can also turn off unnecessary notifications in the phone to save the phone's battery.

You can also turn off GPS location and Bluetooth when not needed.

Update the app and operating system from time to time. Staying up-to-date makes the phone work smoother and also consumes less battery.

You can also close background apps to extend the battery life of the phone.