66 children died after drinking  cough syrup

Tom Le Goff/Getty Images

(WHO) has issued an alert over four cough and cold syrups made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals in India


Children died after using this syrup  in the Gambia

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters the four cold and cough syrups in question “have been potentially linked with acute kidney injuries and 66 deaths among children”.

Warning four products are Promethazine Oral Solution, Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup, Makoff Baby Cough Syrup, and Magrip N Cold Syrup.

it is most probably the paracetamol and promethazine syrups that caused the acute kidney injury cases in this outbreak

However, the supply of these products through informal or unregulated markets to other countries in Africa, cannot be ruled out,”