July 23, 2024

50 Spices names in Hindi and English

50 spices names in Hindi and English

Spices are aromatic and flavourful substances which are derived from different parts of plants, such as seeds, roots, bark, flower, or leaves. They have been an integral part of dishes. Spices are not only used for giving flavour to food but also for preserving, marinating, and in medicinal use.

Here are 50 spices names in Hindi and English

SNo. Spices in English Spices in Hindi
1 Turmeric   हल्दी
2 Cumin  जी रा
3 Coriander  धनिया
4 Green cardamom  छोटी इलायची
5 Black pepper  काली मिर्च
6 Cinnamon  दालचीनी
7 Cloves  लॉन्ग
8 Nutmeg  जावित्री
9 Sichuan Pepper  तिरपाल
10 Mustard Seeds  सरसों के बीज
11 Asafoetida  हींग
12 Fennel Seeds  सौंफ
13 Dried Ginger सोठ
14 Cornflour  अरारोट
15 Star Anise  चक्र फूल
16 Bay leaf  तेजपात पत्ता
17 Oregano  अजवाइन के पत्ते
18 Poppy Seeds  खसखस
19 Gum Tragacanth  गोंद
20 Mace  जावित्री
21 Tamarind  इमली
22 Curry Leaves  करी पत्ता
23 Dry ming  सूखा पुदीना
24 Niger  रामतिल
25 Carom Seeds  अजवाइन
26 Amchur  खटाई
27 Pomegranate Seeds  अनारदाना
28 White Pepper  सफेद मिर्च
29 Yellow mustard seed  सरसों
30 Sesame Seed तिल
31 Saffron केसर
32 Red Chilli लाल मिर्च
33 Long pepper पिपली
34 Licorice Powder मुलेठी
35 Jakhya जख्या
36 Inknut हरडं
37 Indian Gooseberry आमला
38 Fenugreek leaves मेथी की पत्ती
39 Corriander Seed साबुत धनिया
40 Caraway Seeds शाहजीरा
41 Capers कब्र
42 Brown Mustard Seed राई
43 Black caradom बड़ी इलायची
44 Panch Poron पच फोरन
45 Garcinia Indica कोकम
46 Salt नमक
47 Black Salt काला नमक
48 Basil seeds तुलसी के बीज
49 Schezwan pepper शेजवान मिर्च
50 Rosemary गुल मेहंदी


In this post I introduced the name of  all  spices both in Hindi and in English. The above chart helps to learn spices by recognizing picture. Hopefully ,this post must be helpful to aid the knowledge of Hindi and English name of spices.

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