May 23, 2024

Important Synonyms- to Improve Vocabulary

Important Synonyms

  • MISCHIEVOUS:- prankish, playful, naughty, waggish
  • MOODY:- morose, fretful, peevish, modish
  • MISLEAD:- hoodwink, deceive, mislead, swindle
  • MORONIC:- stupid, dopey, foolish
  • MODISH:- fashionable, smart, dashing
  • MEASLY:- miserable, paltry, meagre
  • MANIC:- maniacal, frenetic, frenzied
  • MUTATION:- variation, alteration, change
  • MUNDANE:- ordinary, routine, Quotidien
  • NEAT:- clean, smart, elegant
  • NAP:- siesta, snooze, catnap
  • NOVICE:- beginner, starter
  • NOTION:- idea, thought, impression
  • NULLIFY:- abrogate, neutralize, cancel, abolish
  • NOTIFY:- apprise, inform, report
  • NARCOTIC:- calming, soporific, sleep-inducing
  • NOISY:- obstreperous, blusterous, boisterous
  • NOTORIOUS:- known, undisputed, recognized
  • NURSE:- nurture, promote, encourage, care
  • OLD:- feeble, frail, aged, dilapidated   
  • Some more important synonyms:

  • OBESITY:- fatness, fleshiness, corpulence
  • OBSCENE:- impure, immodest, indecent
  • OBNOXIOUS:- odious, unpleasant, repulsive
  • OBSTACLES:- hindrances, hassles, difficulty
  • OBTUSE:- dull, stupid, doltish

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