June 20, 2024

Synonyms For Competitive English – Similar Words

Synonyms For Competitive English

  1. OCCUPY:- possess, hold, busy
  2. ODOR:- smell, scent, fragrance
  3. OMNIPOTENT:- powerful, almighty, irresistible
  4. OBLIVIOUS:- unaware, clueless, unconscious
  5. PART:- portion, share, piece, fraction
  6. PLACE:- location, spot, residence,
  7. POPULAR:- well-liked, famous, well-known
  8. PERPLEX:- confuse, surprise, shock
  9. PRICELESS:- inestimable, invaluable, precious
  10. POTENTE:- despot, autocrat, monarch
  11. PHALANX:- mass, horde, throng
  12. POOR:- destitute, needy, priceless
  13. PUSILLANIMOUS:- timorous, chicken-hearted, coward
  14. PRETENSION:- snobbishness, pomposity, self-importance
  15. QUIET:- silent, still, soundless, tranquil, peaceful
  16. QUARREL:- argue, fight, dispute
  17. QUASH:- quench, crush, destroy
  18. QUERULOUS:- dissatisfied, cross, critical, sour
  19. QUEST:- search, find, research
  20. QUIBBLE:-  protest, complain, objection
  21. QUIESCENT:-  taciturn, quiet, shy, inactive
  22. QUIRKY:- unusual, strange, weird
  23. QUEUE:- line, row, sequence
  24. QUELL:- suppress, defeat, conquer,
  25. RIGHT:- correct, accurate, factual, legal
  26. RUN:- race, speed, hurry, hasten, sprint
  27. RAMBUNCTIOUS:- noisy, energetic
  28. RECTIFY:- correct, expiate, fix
  29. RECAPITULATE:- summarize, outline, reiterate
  30. RECOMMENCE:- begin again, restart
  31. RAVENOUS:- hungry, famished, starved
  32. REFURBISH:- improve, decorate, renovate
  33. REITERATE:- say, state, perform
  34. REJUVENATE:- restore, renew, regenerate
  35. SCARED:- afraid, frightened, alarmed, terrified
  36. SHOW:- display, present, expose
  37. SLOW:- unhurried, gradual, tedious, slack
  38. STOP:- cease, halt, stay, pause, quit
  39. SCRUTINIZE:- examine, research, investigate
  40. SEDULOUS:- constant, busy, persistent.

Synonyms for Competitive English

Competitive English is a specialized field that focuses on enhancing one’s language skills, particularly in the context of competitive exams and professional settings.

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