April 18, 2024

Similar Words – 20 Synonyms II

Similar Words

  1. BENEVOLENCE:- kindness, goodwill, kindheartedness
  2. BALEFUL:- deadly, sinister
  3. BETRAY:- deceive, dishonour, delude
  4. BELLICOSE:- aggressive, provocative, destructive
  5. BEMOAN:- regret, rue, lament
  6. BEMUSED:- confused, perplexed
  7. BERATE:- abuse, scold, threaten
  8. CALM:- quiet, tranquil, serene, aloof
  9. COME:- approach, advance, reach
  10. CRY:- shout, yell, scream, weep
  11. CAPRICIOUS:- uncertain, fanciful, fickle
  12. CASUALTY:- accidental, occasional, incidental
  13. CATASTROPHE:- disaster, calamity, misfortune
  14. CACHINNATE:- cackle, guffaw, laughing(loudly)
  15. CHERUBIC:- cute, adorable
  16. COGNOSCENTE:- expert, judge, specialist
  17. CLIMATERIC:- crucial, critical, acute
  18. DAUNTLESS:- lion-hearted, intrepid, fearless
  19. DESCRY:- determine, discern, detect
  20. DEJECTED:- gloomy, depressed, melancholy

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Intrepid, detect, disaster, fickle, scream, provocative, lament, acute, abuse, expert

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