June 21, 2024

Uses of Adjectives in Sentences

Uses of Adjectives

Subject + be (is/are/am/was/were) + Adjective + preposition + action + ing (gerund)

Let’s have a look at the uses of adjectives in sentences

Committed to

My brother is committed to getting a job in defence.

He is committed to winning his game.

Dedicated to

My friend is dedicated to teaching.

He is dedicated to serving the nation.

Devoted to

He is devoted to worshipping Adiyogi.

My father is devoted to working in NGO.

Accustomed to (habit)

He is accustomed to helping the poor.

She is accustomed to reading novels.

Tired from

Tired from something expresses to be physically tired’

I’m tired from running.

He is tired from talking on the phone at the call centre.

Uses of Adjectives – Tired of means “to get bored”

People are getting tired of sitting idle at home due to coronavirus.

He is tired of scolding of his teacher.

Scared of

I am scared of going alone at night.

He was scared of watching ghost movies.

Afraid of

He is afraid of getting dark.

She is afraid of watching horror movies.

Capable of

He is capable of lifting 100 kg.

She is capable of running 5 kilometres.

Excited about

He is excited about going for a picnic.

We are excited about joining IIT.

Fond of

I am fond of listening to music.

She is fond of reading novels.

Good at (expert)

He is good at writing about social topics.

She is good at playing chess.

Proud of

He is proud of getting selection in IIT Roorkee.

I am proud of you for sending you to boarding school.

Interested in

He is interested in speaking about social topics.

My father is interested in doing work with him.

Worried about

He is worried about transferring from here.

She is worried about failing in exams.

Upset about

He is upset about getting failed in exams.

She is upset about running a poor business.

Successful in

He is successful in dealing with the export and import business.

My friend is successful in guiding foreigners.

Responsible for

He is responsible for stealing money.

You are responsible for wasting our time.

Known for

He is known for cracking codes.

They are known for playing well in the school sports team.

Famous for

She is famous for writing novels.

Michael Jackson is famous for dancing.

 Certain about

He is certain about getting success in his project.

Are you certain about growing spices in this climate?

Fed up with something (to get bored- adjective)

I’m fed up with scolding.

He is fed up with doing his task.

She is fed up telling a lie again and again.

Uses of Adjective + infinitive (to+ verb)

Eager to

He is eager to attend the seminar.

She is eager to research it.

Easy to

It’s not easy to break the window.

It’s easy to crack the password.

Pleased to

I’m pleased to attend the meeting.

She is pleased to join us.

Able to

He is able to solve this puzzle.

Are you able to Write English Essay?

Hard to

It’s hard to leave this place.

It’s hard to win this game.

About to

He is about to go.

She is about to join us.

Good to

It’s good to see you.

It’s good to find a new way.

Boring to

It is boring to solve mathematics.

It’s boring to ride a bike for a long drive.

Supposed to (expect that something should happen)

You are supposed to teach my kids.

They are supposed to join my company.


Glad to

I am glad to meet you.

He is glad to see you.

Allergic to

She is allergic to dust.

I am allergic to scents.

Married to

He’s married to a rich woman.

She’s married to the doctor.

Other uses of adjectives lists:

Surprised at:

I am surprised at seeing her.

Aren’t you surprised at his dancing move?

Terrible at

he is terrible at telling a lie.

You are terrible at riding a bike.

Angry at:

She is angry at him.

Why are you angry at me?

Amazing at

She is amazing at playing the Guitar.

You are amazing at playing chess.

Busy with

She is busy with her work.

He is busy with his family problem. He is trying to find a way to settle the dispute.

Satisfied with

I am satisfied with my job.

He is not satisfied with these electronic accessories.

Full of

He is full of energy.

The cinema hall was full of crowds.

Involved in

He is involved in this matter.

She is involved in this murder.

See more examples of uses of adjectives

Nice to

He is nice to everyone here.

You aren’t nice to your friend.

Friendly to

His nature is friendly to group members.

You are friendly to your juniors.

Rude to

You were rude to your wife at the party.

I wasn’t rude to my friend.

Good for

It is good for you.

This room is not good for you.

It’s good for your immunity system.

It is good for your health.

Bad for

This situation is bad for you.

You don’t take exercise that’s why Overeating is bad for you.


Exercise I

Complete the sentence with appropriate prepositions with uses of adjectives + verb (infinitive/gerund)

  1. I am fond ……..music.
  2. My brother is dedicated ………. running.
  3. He is tired ………. Scolding.
  4.  I’m tired ……… taking exercise.
  5. She is afraid ………… forest.
  6. He is nice ……… his wife.
  7. She is amazing ……..dancing.
  8. You are supposed ……….tell me the truth.
  9. Are you allergic …….. Perfumes.
  10. He was full …………confidence.
  11. He is involved ……. this scam.
  12. Are you interested ……… participating quiz competition.
  13. He is experienced …………..writing.
  14. He is accustomed ………. Watching movies.
  15. This habit is bad ……. You.

See others adjective usages: Be used to vs be addicted to

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