May 23, 2024

Causative verbs: Empowering Your Writing and Expanding Your Influence

Causative verbs

Causative verbs: these verbs are used when somebody or something causes something to happen.

Make, have, get and  let


Make + object (person who will do work) + main verb (without to)

The subject is a cause of doing work by object

Structure of one of the causative verbs – Make

Subject + make (according to sentence) + object (noun/pronoun) + verb I (without to).

Examples of Causative verbs:

He makes me weep. He was making them blush.
He made my son beat. She made me feel embarrassed.
She made me cry yesterday. I have made him laugh.
I will make you understand tomorrow.  He found that she had made them fool.
I will make you speak English. I will have made him perfect in an interview by next month.
I am making him read. Let me make you explain the whole thing.

Causative verbs – Get and have:

Get something done and have something done are similar in meaning, but ‘have’ is much formal than ‘get.’

Use of ‘Get’

Get + object + m.v.3

I got my car serviced here yesterday. She will get her hair cut at this salon. I got my room painted last year. He won’t get her teeth checked there.
He gets his mobile recharged at this shop. Did she get her coat dry-cleaned last Sunday?
He is getting his television repaired now. Shoes are polished. Why are you getting your shoes polished now?
They were getting their home built. Where were they getting their production done?
He will be getting his work done by the teacher. He has got his laptop repaired just now.  
Have the students got notes printed? She knew that her brother had got beaten by her husband.
He will have got a table repaired by next Sunday. She will have got/had his mobile repaired anyhow.
He has been getting shoes made by workers for two hours. He can get wheat sold at a reasonable price.
Furthermore, he might get his car serviced. You should get your home painted before Diwali.
He should get his wedding cards printed before two months of marriage. He could have got money transferred by his friends. (but he didn’t)
They shouldn’t have got the loan sanctioned. He might have got the form of a junior assistant filled out yesterday.
If he had had money, he would have got a laptop bought for my younger brother. If I were you, I would get a car sold during this financial crisis.
He wants to get his e-book published. He loves to get cookies baked there.
I had to get my bathroom washed. He needs to get his phone repaired.
He tries to get these types of problems solved. She liked to get his book read by a friend. 
I hate to get my utensils washed. He used to get his bike serviced here.

Use of have as a causative verb:

‘Have’ is used the same as ‘Get’ (get = have) with the same meaning.

Have something done

I have my work done.

I had my radio repaired yesterday.

She will have her project finished on time.

He is having her car serviced over there.

She was having her toy repaired.

They will be having their assignment written by assignment experts.

I have had my house built.

I knew that she had had her food cooked by her father.

He will have had his landline telephone repaired.

 Use of let:

The past and past participle are ‘Let.’

Let means allow or permit someone to do something.

Subject + let + person + main verb

I let her play football. = I allow her to play football

She doesn’t let me play chess. They don’t let her go outside.
His brother doesn’t let him take liquor. My grandfather let my uncle go to the pub.
He didn’t let them enter the club. Didn’t you let the teacher check your notebook?
I will let him join the dance classes. Won’t you let them learn the Guitar?
I am letting him play football. Are you letting her work here?
She won’t let me make the payment My father didn’t let me study in a foreign.
Was he letting him use her laptop? Weren’t they letting candidates face the interview?
My boss will let me play billiards in the office tomorrow. You must let her go abroad for higher study.
You should let her rehearse the songs. He shouldn’t let his kids play video games. 

Exercise of Causative verbs

Choose a suitable verb to fill the blanks:

  1. Has he got his Smartphone ………… yet? We’ll see the Netflix web series.

     Repair repairing   c. to repair    d. repaired

2. You should let her ……. For an evening walk.

   a. to go     b. go     c. going    d. gone

3. He had his car ……… from here.

    a.  to service  b. serviced  c. servicing d. service

4.  He found that she ……… them fool.

    a. Has made     b. made    c. to make   d. had made

5. I have got my shoes ………… by a friend.

     a.  Stitch   b. to stitch   c. stitched    d. stitching

6. Haven’t you let your brother ……….. your notebook?

a. To check   b. checked   c. checking  d. check

7. He tries to get cookies …… there

   a.   Baking bake  c. baked   d. to bake

8.  I wasn’t available yesterday at home. That’s why I had to get my utensils ………. by my little brother.

    a. Wash   b.  to wash   c. washing   d. washed

9. He needed …….. his washing machine repaired.

a. Got     b.  to get   c. getting d.  get

10. They aren’t letting candidates …… the interview?

  a. Facing     b. face    c. to face d. faced

11. They shouldn’t have got a loan ………

    a.  To sanctioned     b. to sanction  c. sanctioned d. sanctioning

12. He bought a new mobile. However, it was not working properly. So he ……… his mobile …….. .

     a. Had/got- repaired   b. has/get-repaired  c. had/got- repaired   d. had/got- to  repair

13. There is a shop of photo state in my neighbourhood. I don’t like to go to it, but I had to ………. My documents ………. From there.

   a. Got- Xeroxed   b. get- Xeroxed    c.  got-xerox      d.Be get – Xeroxed

14.   My father didn’t let him ………

   a.   To play    b.  played   c. playing  d. play

15.  He won’t let kids ………… from outside of the colony.

      a.   Go     b.  to go   c. going   d. gone

16. His mother was sick that’s why He had to ……. Her food ………. By his younger sister.

    a.  Had-cooked      b.  have-cook    c. have-cooked d. has-cooked

17.   My teacher scolds and beats me in school, but he won’t make me ………. At the coaching center.

   a. To weep    b.  wept   c.  weeping  d. to wept

18. Will he …….. you understand the sums?

     a.  Make     b.   get   c. got   d.  made

19. He has ……… his phone ……… from this shop.

a. Get- recharged    b. got- recharged  c. got-recharge    d. to get – recharged

20.  He is to ……….. house ……….. on Deepawali.

 a. Get- renovated   b. got- renovated   c. to get – renovated   d. got – renovate





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