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Use of has and have worksheet

Complete Use of has and have worksheet

Use of has, have, had, will have + objects (complement)

The above words show possession of something that you have.

Use of has/ have worksheet formula

American style:

Sub + has/ have + no action. He/she/it/name/indefinite pronoun/singular person + has + no action.

Indefinite pronouns: someone/somebody, anyone/anybody, everyone/ everybody, no one/nobody (singular sub)

He has a villa to live in.

She has a laptop.

It has two parts of the design.

My cousin, whose name is Ambrish, has a bungalow in Meerut.

Someone has a pistol.

Nobody has a pistol over here.

Every girl has a smartphone in her hand.

This diary has two hundred pages to write.

This mall has every kind of brand.

You/we/they/I/ plural noun + have + complement ( no action).

You have a big tanker that consists of 2500 litres of water.

 We have sweet shops in various places.

They have BMW cars in their homes.

I have fifteen girls in my college. All of them have apple iPhone.

Both the boys have novels in their hands.

 I have a big house with three rooms, a drawing-room, a gallery, one kitchen, and two washrooms.

I have a beautiful farmhouse. I still have it.

If he has a money problem, I can lend him money.

If you are suffering from any disease, you will use has/have. For examples:

She has a chronic cough. He has a fever.

She has a cold. He has a cough. He has sore eyes.

I have a headache. She has back pain.

She has insomnia. She has a brain tumour.

Negative and Interrogative sentences:

Do you have a hundred bucks in your pocket?

I do not have a hundred bucks in my pocket. However, I can withdraw from Atm.

Does your brother have a company?

Yes, he has his own company, which was established in 1999.

Does your younger brother have a bike?

He doesn’t have a bike. He goes to the office by metro rail.

Does he have a heart problem?

 He has a heart problem.

Do they have urgent work to do?

My colleagues don’t have urgent work to do. They are pretending not to work on your project.

Do you have diesel in your car?

It doesn’t have much fuel. I will get my car filled.


Past Use of has and have worksheet


sub + had + complement (no action).

I had a car last year.

She had a black jacket last winter.

You had a Samsung S9 the previous month.


Interrogative: Did + Sub + have + no action?

Negative sub + didn’t have + no action.

Read conversation in the past:

Did you have a meeting yesterday?

Yes, I had a meeting yesterday, but it was postponed due to few members.

Did he have sugarcane farming?

He didn’t have sugarcane farming this year. But He had it two years ago.

Did your brother have a skin disease?

He had a skin disease. However, now, he is okay.

Did you have a boyfriend who was a player of baseball?

Yes, I had.

Did his sister have a business partner?

I don’t know about it.  She might have a business partner.

Did your friend have a farm tractor?

He had it last month, but he sold it.

Future (Will have) Use of has and have worksheet

Affirmative: sub + will have + complement ( no action)

I will have a car next year.

She will have her own home.

He will have a horse.

I shall have this book.

I shall have a new home.

 I shall have a gold chain.

Note: I/we + shall have ( now ‘will’ is also used with “I and we”)

Negative: Sub + will not have (won’t have) + complement (no action).

I won’t have a cooler in summer. I will buy an air conditioner.

I won’t drive this car anymore. I will have a cheverolet durster.


Will + sub + have + complement (no action).?

Will you have a clinic?

It’s my dream, and I want to open my clinic. I will have my clinic next year.

Will you have a newspaper agency?

I will have a newspaper agency, and I will distribute all over Meerut.

Will you have your graduate degree?

No, I won’t have my graduation? It will take time around two years more to get my degree.

British style:


UK: have got ( it is only used in the present)

Subject + has/have got + objects (complement)

Affirmative sentences (Use of has and have worksheet):

I’ve got a perfect idea.  (I’ve-I have; contradicts form)

She’s got a big problem. (she’s – has; it is a contraction form).

He has got a headache.

She has got thousands of bucks.

I have got a BMW Ferrari car.

Negative sentences:

Sub + has/have + not + got + complement (no action).

Rahul hasn’t got many friends. He has got only one friend who is in New York right now.

She hasn’t got any degree in education.

Interrogative sentences (Use of has and have worksheet)

Has/have + sub + got + complement?

Have you got a holiday today?

I haven’t got a holiday today. I have got an urgent piece work of office that’s why I have to go now.

Have you got a bungalow?

Yes, I have got a bungalow, it has got five big rooms, one dining hall, drawing room, storeroom, and basement.

Interrogative-negative sentences (Use of has and have worksheet):

Hasn’t/haven’t + sub + got + complement?

Haven’t you got a clue?

I haven’t got a clue.

Exercise – Use of has and have worksheet

Complete the sentence with listed words

Has, have, had, will have, has got, have got,  get, got, do, does, did, will, anybody, somebody, nobody, everyone

  1. ……. you have medicines last Sunday?
  2.  Has he ……..  your address?
  3. Does he ……….. a headache?
  4. Do you …………. Cancer?
  5. Where ……… you …….. pain in your stomach now?
  6.  Why ……… he …………..  attitude so much?
  7.  I ………… a car tomorrow.
  8.  He ………  two sons last year. However, unfortunately, one of them died in a car accident.
  9.  Someone ……… a pistol then.
  10. Nobody ………… a pistol over here now.
  11. Every girl ………..  lunch boxes now.
  12. This book ……….. five hundred pages.
  13. Why ………. You have tension? Now everything is all right, oh dear!
  14. Why doesn’t he ………. Knowledge
  15. ………you……  program to go for a picnic yesterday?
  16. She ………. got a chronic disease. Moreover, He has ……….fever too.
  17. She ……. bird flu. However, now she is okay.
  18. He ……… got insomnia. Doctor asked: Had he had………… migraine before?
  19. She ………. a brain haemorrhage. And she died last month
  20. She ……… big eyes. But she got married earlier.
  21. She ……… her car now.
  22. She ………. Debt. And she committed suicide.
  23. All the boys ………. novels in my class last year.
  24. Don’t you ………… money?
  25. He ………. not ……… a bike to commute those days?
  26. Will  You ………. Own house?
  27. Does your friend ………… a BMW?
  28. …….. you ……… any problem now?
  29. She ……not…..  kids though she is happy.
  30. What habit ……. you have?

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