July 23, 2024

Imperative Sentences – Definition & Examples

Imperative Sentences

Imperative sentences: an imperative sentence is used to express request, order, command or advice.

M.V. + object + etc.

Request and orders

Listen to me Keep your promise
Take it now Avoid bad company
Go to him Send this book by courier
Come to me Keep everything in order
Wait for a while Think twice before you speak
Go back at once Think before you speak
Please allow me to go to the party. Hold it for a while
Eat with pleasure over here. Mind your own business
Mind your tongue Please lend me your hand
Learn this song by heart Tether the buffalo there
Serve food to guests Attend to the guests
Mind your words/hold your tongue Mind your words/hold your tongue
Please don’t make a fuss here Please help us in this trouble
Please move a bit/move aside Have a chair, please
Please shut the door Please open the window
Sit down properly Get ready now
Come in, dear Carry on
Keep on Stop talking nonsense
Yes, please speak Keep quiet
Stand up on your seat Wake up my honey


Please give me the chocolates, help the poor students, see your enemies, compromise with them, take care of your parents

Imperative sentences that start with Main verbs

Walk slowly Run fast Drive carefully
Get off the bus Get on the bus Get down
Set your watch Please light the lamp Post the letter there
Go on (continue saying) Open your second lesson Please solve the sums
Awake your daughter Go there after a while Go straight
Reply him Hurry up Wait for a little
Be attentive Be a listener Be witty
Calm down Pin drop silence Go to bed
Come quickly Get ready dear Get to work
Set your goal Mention below it Sign here
Take off your shirt Try again Start your work

Exercise I(Imperative Sentences):

Pick suitable words to make complete sense:

Get on, get down, take off, witty, here, upstairs, down, straight, letter, carefully, lamp, silence, please, him

  1.  ……… the bus.                  8.   Calm …….
  2.  ……… the stairs.               9.   Go ……….
  3. Sign ……. .                          10. Go to   …….
  4. Get ……..                            11. Post the ……… here.
  5.  …… the airplane.             12. Drive ……….
  6. Hurry ………                        13. Please light the ……..
  7. Be …….                                14. Pin drop …………..

15. ………. Help me.

Difficult words:

 Take off the airplane, be witty (Witty- quick behavior in answering), wait for a while, go to bed (sleep), get to work (go to work), get off (leave a vehicle), get on (board,  the vehicle, wear), after a while


Use of negative implications; don’t, no, never:

Never give up your goal. Never hurt my feelings again.
Never lose your confidence. Never mind it.
Never disrespect your parents. Never bunk off the school.
Never tell a lie. Never miss an opportunity.
Never do down others. Never break your promise.
Never fall a victim to bad habits. Never work in a hurry.
Never try to cheat your brother. Never tell a lie.
Never walk bare-footed in Jaisalmer. Never disobey your elders.

Exercise II(negative imperative sentences)

Pick the suitable words from the above sentences:

Opportunity, break, bare, off, feelings

  1. Never miss the ……….                                                    
  2. Never hurt my ……. again.
  3. Never walk ……. Footed in Jaisalmer.
  4. Never bunk …. the school.     
  5.   Never ……. your promise

No + verb + ing/ no action

 no mention, no doubt, no more questions, no chance, no buddy, no parking, no smoking, no drinking, no overtaking, no bargaining, no gambling, no cheating, no trespassing (don’t jump/walk)

don’t + actions + object

Don’t make a noise Don’t be short-tempered
Don’t be afraid Don’t misbehave
Don’t  make a fuss Don’t admit a mistake
Don’t be harsh Don’t be lazy
Don’t take the wrong turn Don’t take liquor
Don’t abuse others Don’t fight with neighbor
Don’t suggest him Don’t drive while smoking
Don’t delay Don’t be late there
Don’t shout at me Don’t be silly
Don’t step in Don’t move
Don’t make lame excuses Don’t speak ill others
Don’t pluck the flower Don’t cut jokes
Don’t trouble me  Don’t break it
Don’t talk nonsense Don’t play in the sun
Exercise III:

Choose the appropriate words for fill in the blanks(imperative sentences).

Nonsense, ill others, smoking, neighbour, others, jokes, flower, lazy, lame, wrong

  1. Don’t talk   ……                            6. Don’t speak ….………
  2. Don’t drive while ……                 7. Don’t fight with……
  3. Don’t abuse ……..                        8. Don’t cut ……..
  4. Don’t pluck the ………..                9. Don’t be
  5. Don’t make ……. excuses.         10.  Don’t take ….. turn


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