July 23, 2024

Exclamatory Sentences – Definition, Examples & Exercise

Exclamatory sentences

Exclamatory is an adjective. It expresses strong excitement, emotion or pain and surprise. When people want to remark with strong feelings, that time exclamatory sentences are used very often.

“!” – It is an exclamatory sign to indicate exclamation means strong feelings.





Above words exclaim the sorrow.



Wow, fantastic, superb, awesome, terrific, tremendous, and cool are also used for strong emotions to indicate happiness.

Here are some examples:

Wow! He went to the club.

Superb! He likes me.

Fantastic! She loves me.

Awesome! It is such a nice weather today.

Ah! Your dress is dirty.

Ugh! You are crying at me.

Alas! He didn’t find his wallet.

Hurrah! He cracked an IAS interview.

Oh shit! He is trapped in the traffic.

Holy shit! They are shooting at us.

Oh God! He is such a foolish person.

Oh my god!

Mind-blowing performance it is!

What a/an + adjective + noun/ noun!

What a pity!

What a storyteller he is!

What a cool man!

What a nice dress it is!

What a shot!

What a match!

What a jacket!

What a place!

What a pity!

What a cute cat!

What a lovely dress!

What a mobile!

What an ugly animal!

What big legs you have!

What big teeth he has!

What long hair she has!

How + adjective + subject + verb!

How charming she is!

How beautiful she is!

How handsome he is!

How clever she is!

How fast the bullet train is!

Some examples are given to make you a better understanding:

Rahul exclaimed with joy that he had become the best player of the team.

He exclaimed with sorrow that he had become bankrupt.

Hurrah! We won the trophy.

Alas! He is no more.

Ah! It’s disgusting.

Wow! It’s a good idea.

Wow! It’s amazing.

Oh! He couldn’t get succeed in his project.

Exercise I

Find the exclamatory sentences:

    1. How beautiful dress she has!
    2. He is a coward.
    3. How far is it?
  1. How ………. She is!

    1. Charming b. beauty c. nature
  2. What a ……….!
    1. Shot b. kind c. beautiful
  3. Alas!
    1. He won the match.
    2. He got a medal.
    3. He left the team.
  4. Hurrah!
    1. He won the quiz competition.
    2. He lost the quiz competition.
    3. He defeated me.
  5. Bravo!
    1. You did an excellent job.
    2. You didn’t complete the task.
    3. You forgot it.
  6. Wow!
    1. He broke the chair.
    2. He lost the match.
    3. We got the movie tickets.
  7. Fantastic!
    1. You have put on a very gorgeous dress.
    2. You wore a dirty dress.
    3. You lost it.
  8. Weldon!
    1. You have run a new business.
    2. You lost your money.
    3. You didn’t get your job.

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