May 23, 2024

Conditional sentences type 1 – likely conditions

Conditional sentences type 1

It expresses an action that may be done in the future with a condition.

IF + present indefinite tense, future indefinite tense (main clause )

If I go to Mumbai, I will find a new job there.

I will promote her, If she works properly.

If you complete your E-mail, you will be praised.

He won’t stop you from coming here if he knows about you.

May/might is used in zero conditional sentences in place of ‘will’ if the possibility is in action.

If he comes in time, you may go early today.

If she speaks the truth, you might be allowed to go.

There are some conditional words/connectors not used with future sentences (Conditional sentences type 1 )

There are the following listed connectors

If, When, before, after, unless, until, in case, as soon as

When she returns from the picnic, I won’t be angry at her.

Wait here until I come back from there.  (Time clause- ‘until’ has a negative sense, therefore ‘not’ shouldn’t be used with it.)

You will not say anything unless I talk to him.

As soon as I reach the station, you will meet me at platform no 2.

Unless I beat you, you won’t admit your mistake.  (unless- it is a negative connector, never use with unless)

Progressive actions can be used with zero Conditional sentences type 1 .’

If you are not studying in the library, you would better go.

If he is still taking time to come here, you shouldn’t wait for him because it’s getting dark now.


“Should/must”  is used for advice, and “could & would” are used for request in the main clause of the sentence:

If + simple present tense, subject + should/must + action + object +, etc.

Zero Conditional examples

If he comes here, you should meet him once.

If he asks anything related to me, you mustn’t tell anyone.

If you get selected for income tax, would you help me in my financial crisis?

If you complete your classes, could you give me your notes for reading?

If + Present perfect tense (subject + has/have + action III) , Subject + will/may + action.

If you have done your pending work, you may go.

If she hasn’t come in time, she will be fired.

If he has studied smartly, he will get a good rank in class.

Exercise (Conditional sentences type 1 )

Complete the sentences with conditional sentences type 1. Change them when it is necessary.

  1. If I will go to meet him, she will recognize me at once.
  2. If she will come, I shall help her.
  3. If he does his work on time, he ………. (possibility) go soon.
  4. If he reads a newspaper every day, he …………. (possibility) get interested in it.
  5. When my friend will come back from New York, he will present me with a gift.
  6. Wait at my cabin ……….. I complete my work. 
  7. You will not speak ill with your neighbours unless I don’t ask them.
  8. If he finds you here, you …………  (tell) him the truth.  (suggestion)
  9. If I don’t come to teach, you ………… tell your parents.   (obligation in advice)
  10. If you get ……….  (select) in CEO designation, ………… you help my brother provide him with a job?   (request)
  11. If you finish your domestic chores, ………. you teach me how to solve the Sudoku Puzzle?   (request)
  12. If you are not ……………. (go) to school, you had better watch web series of Vampire diaries on prime video.
  13. If he is still ………………(take) breakfast. You mustn’t wait for him. We have already got late.
  14. If you have ………….. (finish) your homework, you may go.
  15. If she hasn’t …………(buy) a laptop, she will not complete her assignment.

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