July 21, 2024

Use of Future- Be Going to, Will and Shall

Use of Future

Be going to:

 It is used in speaking very often to express the future actions that are expressed plans which are already decided) what plans we make is just a prediction based on present evidence that can be done in further time.

let’s see some examples of be going to:

  • Something that is about to happen:
  • Go fast, the train is going to arrive at the station.
  • Go to the conference, it is going to start.

Use of Future pre-planned actions (prior plans):

  • He is going to visit the Temple of Tirupati Balaji next month.
  • He is going to buy a laptop this month.
  • He is going to come tomorrow.
  • I am going to go to London.
  • Are you going to start learning the Guitar?
  • I am going to start learning the Guitar.
  • Is he going to go abroad?
  • He is going to go abroad for higher study.
  • She is going to get her hair cut.
  • Are they going to face the interview?
  • You are going to take admission in MBA.


  • “Be going to” is also used for describing that prediction can be done with evidence that can be felt or seen.
  • Clouds are thundering. It is going to rain.
  • The weather is stormy. Is it going to come a hurricane here?

Use of future – will and shall:

These are used for future actions that are decided at the time of speaking which is called quick action.

We use ‘will’ very often but ‘shall’ is also used with the first person to express future statements.

  • Let’s see the structure and examples:
I/we + shall + verb I + object + etc. He/she/it/name/ singular person or thing/plural nouns + will + verb I + object + etc.  
  • I shall speak English in assembly.
  • We shall start studying because exams are very close.
  • I shan’t learn the French language. It is a common foreign language.
  • We shan’t attend today’s class.
  • She says that she will help the poor.
  • He says that he will write a poem.
  • They will work in the MNC.
  • Rabbu will join the stadium.
  • He won’t go there.
  • Raja will solve the mathematics.
  • Robin will develop the new software.

Exercise I :

Select “be going to, will or shall whichever is right option in the exercise(use of future):

  1. My father ……….. leave this company before my marriage.
  2. She says that she ……… to relocate in few days.
  3. He ………. to go abroad.
  4. …….. they play in the tournament series?
  5. Who is ……….. to go for a picnic tomorrow?
  6. Leave this place right now, it is predicted that hurricane ……. to reach here.
  7.  She ……. get up early in the morning.
  8. I …….. help you at the moment.
  9. I think, in my point of view, next month more students ……… participate in the sketch competition.
  10. It is already fixed that my friends ……… dine out with their clients.
  11. It’s getting late, I …… go now.
  12. When I get money, I ……. buy a laptop for you.
  13. If you study, you ….. learn it easily.
  14. If you think twice about this case, you ……. be able to know more information regarding it.
  15. I am ……. Join Gym next month.
Exercise II- Use of Future

Choose between “going to and will” and fill in the blanks with a suitable verb.

  1. If you want to know, they ………. tell you the process of making sugar.
  2. When you go to Delhi, they ……. Meet you at the movie theatre.
  3. My brother ………….. to marry next month.
  4. They are ………… start learning English.
  5. I have made a decision that my son……… learn the guitar.
  6. The program …….. begin at 8 am.
  7.  Don’t hurry; they ……… come late.
  8. Unless you tell the truth, he ……. allow you to go from here.
  9. You …… wait here until he comes.
  10. I have heard that they are ……….. get married.


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