May 23, 2024

Future indefinite Tense I

Simple future indefinite tense I is used to generally indicate upcoming time means for future.

Sub + will + action + obj + etc. He/she/it/name/you/they + will + action + obj + etc.

Future indefinite tense examples

  • I will play hockey now.
  • She will learn computer course from F-tech.
  • They will go for an evening walk today.
  • She will reach on time here.
  • He will get married.
  • He will be a doctor next year.

Negative sentences (Future indefinite Tense I):

Sub + will/shall + not + action + obj.
  • He won’t go with me there.
  • She won’t help me at all.
  • They won’t come at the party.
  • The doctor won’t leave a single penny.
  • I won’t play cards with us.

Interrogative sentences(future indefinite tense-i):

Will/shall + Sub + action + obj?
  • Will they come to meet you daily?
  • Will you start studying Geography?
  • Will she solve the puzzle?
  • Will your brother get ready for a picnic?

Interrogative negative sentences (Future indefinite Tense I):

Will + sub + not + action + Obj?
  • Will you not continue your further education?
  • Will they not go abroad for higher study?
  • Will she not go for an evening?
  • Will your father not permit you to go to market?


Won’t+ sub + action + obj?
  • Won’t she join Defence?
  • Won’t he join the yoga class?
  • Won’t Rahul face the interview?
  • Won’t you drive me to the railway station?   
  • Won’t your principal ask for fee?
  • Won’t your teacher accept leave application?




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