June 20, 2024

Past Continuous Tense I

Past Continuous Tense I

Something was happening at the time of speaking. Progressive actions are used in the past when we talk about a past activity that was going on at that time. There are following rules for past continuous tense.

Affirmative sentence:

Sub + was/were + action (M.V.)+ ing + obj.

He/she/it/name/I/singular noun + was + action + ing + obj.

You/we/they/plural noun + were + action + ing + obj.

Examples of Past Continuous tense i:

He was playing football in the school then.

It was raining heavily last night.

She was learning German.

She was asking me a lot of questions yesterday.

They were speaking the truth regarding that matter.

The police was running after the thief at that time.

Shaalu was studying in the wee hours.

She was reading history and geography then.

I was getting late yesterday morning. But I met my friend who drove me to the railway station.

I saw her as she was passing by here yesterday.

When Rajat went to my father, I was operating the computer.

Negative sentences of Past Continuous Tense i:

Sub + was/were + not (wasn’t/weren’t)+ action + ing + obj.

He wasn’t trying to solve the numeric of physics.

They weren’t going to Karnal.

I wasn’t talking to my friend.

She wasn’t fighting with neighbours yesterday.

Interrogative sentences I

Was/were + sub + action + ING + obj?

Were you solving the Sudoku puzzle?

Was he smoking at night?

Was she playing snooker at the club?

Was he taking liquor with colleagues last night?

Were they dancing in the theatre?

Was she getting nervous while facing the interview?

Interrogative negative sentences II:

Was/were + sub + not + action + ing + Obj?

 Was she not throwing the party yesterday evening?

Were they not going for an evening walk?

Was he not smoking a cigar on Sunday?

Were they not doing a job in Genpact?

Interrogative negative sentences II:

Wasn’t/weren’t + Sub + action + ing + obj?

Wasn’t she going to Mumbai? 

Weren’t the girls copying the exams?

Weren’t the boys helping the beggars?

Wasn’t the team playing well yesterday?


Exercise: I

Change the verb into past continuous tense i:

  Example: He lives in Meerut. 

                        He was living in Meerut.

  1. She wrote me an E-mail.
  2. She speaks English every day.
  3. He didn’t get any job.
  4.  He told me a lie before my father.
  5.  She opposes me.
  6. They are living happily.
  7. Why does he not play football?
  8. He is getting late for school.
  9. He comes home late.
  10. Where did he find it?

Exercise II

Write the correct past form of the verb:


It was raining when my younger brother going to school.

  1. Peasantry ……. In the block to get to know seed which was good at growing wheat. (wait)
  2.  He ………… English. (speak)
  3. She …… to songs.  (listen)
  4. Current went off while I …….. television.  ( watch)
  5. He talked a lot but I ……  pizza.  (eat)
  6. He ………. in the sun then.  (bask)
  7.  Cattle ……. grazing in the field.   (was/were)
  8. ……… you making a speech yesterday?  (are/were)
  9. She …….. helping her friends then. ( was/is)
  10. They ……… facing the problems now. (are/were)




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