Future continuous tense II – Future Progressive actions

Future Continuous Tense II

Uses of future continuous tense II:

It is unfinished action that will be going on in the future.

  • Next weekend, My brother will be watching a movie at InnoX cinema theatre.
  • He will be facing the interview in the continental company next week.
  • He will be travelling from Meerut to Delhi.
  • Dushyant Som will be worshipping Goraksha Nath in the evening.
  • Deva’s mother will be going to Krishna Parnami Temple tomorrow.

An interrogative sentence that shows a normal request to get to know the information and an invitation:

  • Will you be attending the conference tonight?
  • Will you be arranging the event tomorrow night? and
  • Will you be teaching English?

Asking for something:

  • Will you be looking for a job?
  • Will you be printing documents? and
  • Will you be bringing vegetables from Reliance fresh?

To predict something about a person or thing that will occur:

  • You will be getting late for the office after a long drive.
  • She will be feeling bad seeing his wedding ceremony.
  • He will be getting nervous in the front of the interviewer.
  • You will be feeling tired after working in the sun.
  • I think that he will be riding a bike. That’s why he won’t be able to attend your call.

Something in progress (Future continuous ) when another thing happens:

  • He will be watching a movie, when she comes here.
  • My father will be cooking ,when I go to my granny’s home.
  • If you stay longer here, your father will be looking for you.
  • If the cloud thunders, it will be raining tonight.


Find the suitable verb and fill in the blanks:

  1. He will be …………how to dance ,when his friend………. to meet him there.     (learn, go)
  2. If it snows, everyone …….. running homes.
  3. Will he be ……….. yoga?      (do)
  4. Will you be ………… for a job?   (look)
  5. He won’t be ……… good seeing his wedding ceremony. (feel)
  6. You will be …………. worried after ………….. the exams result.     (feel, see)
  7. …….. you be …………the account of employers?    (settle)
  8. They ……be….. movie this weekend.
  9. Peoples of every country ……..  be…………. Home , due to Carona virus in lockdown condition.          (stay)
  10. If he leaves his job. He………be ………. for a new job.  (look)

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