June 20, 2024

Future perfect tense – Completed Action in the Future

Future perfect tense

It is a tense which explains an action is to be done before a particular time. Whatever plan has been made but it will be done at a particular time in the future. 

Affirmative sentences:

Subject + will have + action III + object + etc.

By next year, I will have gone abroad.

She will have taken admission in M.sc (nursing) by January.

My father will have got his salary by the first week of the month.

By 2050, Petroleum will have finished in Arabian countries.

Don’t worry; I will meet you in the morning because my children will have gone to school till early morning.

Negative sentence(Future perfect tense):

Subject + will not have + action III + object + etc.

He won’t have done his work.

She won’t have gone to school by this time.

They won’t have attended the conference.

The interview has been postponed therefore your sister won’t have got selected for the interview by next week.


Interrogative sentences:

Will + subject + have + action III + object + etc?

Sir, could you tell me?

 Will I have got select in Engineering college by next year?

If she doesn’t take medicine properly, Will she have gone to the hospital?

Will you have done your graduation till this year?

Interrogative negative sentences(Future perfect tense):

Won’t + subject + have + action III + object + etc?


Will + subject + not + have + action III + object + etc.?

Won’t he have done his project by Sunday?

Won’t they have visited all the temples in Delhi?

Will she not have gone to Armenia for higher study till tomorrow?

Exercise – Future Perfect Tense

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs:

  1. By 2021,  Robin and I ……… a new company. ( a. Will be starting     b.  will have started)
  2. Will oil have……… by 2050? (a. Finished    b. finishing)
  3.   Can you teach me in the morning? No, I ……… (do) yoga at the moment. (a. Will have  done   b. will be doing)
  4. We should go to him in the evening because he …………  his domestic chores. (a. Will be doing  b. will do  c. will have done)
  5. What …… your uncle ……  at home this time tomorrow? (a. Will- be doing   b. will- have done  c. will- do)
  6. Where ……. he …… from here by next year? (a. Will-be going    b.   will-have gone) 
  7.  They …….  Their graduation when I come back to India. (a. Will complete    b. will have completed)
  8. Will she ……  a new smartphone by next month? (a. Have bought   b. be buying   c. be buy)
  9.    My brother has gone for a marathon. He won’t attend the birthday party because, He will …….. tired. (a. getting   b.  get  c. have got)
  10. he won’t ……….. gone to Dubai by Monday. (a.Have     b. be    c. has)



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