May 23, 2024

Future continuous Tense I – Progressive tense

Future continuous Tense

When we want to express an activity or event going on at a particular time or over a specific period in future will be + -ing (future continuous tense) is used.

Affirmative sentences:

Sub + will be/shall be + action + ing + obj.

You/they/he/she/it/name/plural noun + will be doing

I/we + shall be + doing.

But these days, in modern English we don’t use shall be in speaking; it is just used for the sake of writing.

  • I will be facing the interview tomorrow.
  • Next time, we will be going to see the Church at Sardhana in Meerut.
  • Next month, the prime minister of India – Narendra Modi will be celebrating five years in power.
  • At 4 o’clock, I will be going to meet with the CEO of the company.
  • Sumit  will be running the 1600 mitres Army race this Friday.
  • Ashish will be running a marathon this Sunday.
  • I will be watching the Conjuring movie.
  • Sumit will be competing against Ashish in the race.
  • Anand Sir will be teaching English at 10 o’clock.

Read blow Negative sentences of Future Continuous Tense

Sub + will not be(won’t be) + action + ing + obj.

  • She won’t be taking a bath now.
  • He won’t be making a speech at the moment.
  • They won’t be getting serious when mother scolds.
  • It won’t be raining heavily at night.

Interrogative sentences I(Future continuous Tense):

Will + sub + be + action + ing + Obj?

  • Will you be learning the Guitar on Sunday?
  • Will he be expecting good behaviour from him?
  • Will she be coming here?
  • Will Kapil be singing a song in the concert?

Interrogative negative sentences II:

Will + sub + not + be + action + ing + obj?

  • Will you not be going to market?
  • Will she not be talking to you at night?
  • Will he not be working in this company next year?
  • Will Farmers not be committing suicide next year?
  • Will the BJP not be celebrating its winning moment?


Won’t + Sub + be + action + ing + Obj?

  • Won’t she be telling you the truth?
  • Won’t he be getting your point while studying?
  • Won’t they be playing carrom board?
  • Won’t Rahul be facing his problems?
  • Won’t your younger brother be cooking food?


Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs(Future continuous Tense):

  1. She will be ………. Interview tomorrow.  (face, faces, facing)
  2. They won’t be ………… examinations. (take, giving, taking)
  3.  What …….  be eating for lunch tomorrow?

(has he, did he, was he, will he)

  •  What ……. be buying from market or haven’t made a plan so far?

(Will you, did you, have you, were you)

  •  Won’t …….. be raining heavily tonight?

( he, it, you, we)

  •  There is an appointment with a doctor of mine. Oh really! Will you be …………. nervous?

( feel, feels, feeling, felt)

  •  Why ……. he not be learning how to cook food?

(will,  have, did, does)

  •  Sumit ……… facing interview tomorrow.

(shall be, will be, was)

  •  ……….. your friend be marrying in winter.

(shan’t, was, won’t, )

  1. I think that he …….. delivering the speech.

(shall be, was, will be, do)

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