June 21, 2024

Simple Past tense I (I did)

Simple Past tense I (I did)

At the time of speaking something happened in the past at a certain time that indicates by some following time expressing words:

Yesterday, yesterday + time (yesterday morning, evening, night noon, afternoon), the day before yesterday, in past years, ago, earlier, since, ever since, the other day. Last moment, Last + time (Sunday, month, night, day, evening, week, year), in 2010, in January, previous Sunday.

Affirmative sentences:

Sub + action II form + obj.

  • He has met me yesterday.         (×)
  • He met me yesterday.                (√)
  • She made a speech the last Sunday.
  • He got a job the previous week.
  • Rahul got his salary at the end of the month.
  • It rained heavily at midnight.
  • My father came home late at night by train.
  • She took food an hour ago.
  • They reached the station on time, boarded the train and thanked God. 
  • The knight stood up, smiled and tapped the little boy and finally gave him some gold coins.

Negative sentences(Simple Past tense I (I did):

Sub + did not (didn’t) + action + obj.

  • I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
  • She didn’t want to tell a lie.
  • He didn’t get any job.
  • She didn’t shift from Jaipur.
  • It didn’t snow the last Sunday.
  • I didn’t admit my mistake which I did.
  • He confessed his sin.
  • He didn’t study the whole year and didn’t study in wee hours as well. At the eleventh hour, he copied the exams.

Interrogative sentences I- Simple Past tense I (I did):

Did + Sub + action + obj?

  • Did you say something to him?
  • Did you find your lost bag?
  • Did you agree to this proposal?
  • Did you see the Tajmahal?
  • Did you go for an evening walk?
  • Did you go to the theatre last Sunday?

Interrogative negative sentences II (Simple past tense (I did):

Did + sub + not + action + obj?

  • Did you not learn the Guitar? I did not learn the guitar. I wanted to learn it.
  • Did she not get ready?
  • Did they not make a fuss?
  • Did he not read his book today?
  • Did Dushyant Som not study in Wee hours?
  • Did Bhupendra not crack the IAS examinations?
  • Did Saurav not complete his B. Pharmacy?


Didn’t + sub + action + obj?  examples:

  • Didn’t you beat him?
  • Didn’t you lend him money?
  • Didn’t he ask for money?
  • Didn’t they steal money from the bank?
  • Didn’t Rajni make her passport?

Question words[Simple Past tense I (I did)]

Wh word + did + subject + action + object?

  • Why did you hide the truth?
  • When did you ask him?
  • Where did you keep the money?
  • Who told you the truth?
  • Who taught you how to play the Guitar?
Exercise of Simple Past Tense (I did)
  1. He  ……… him 100 bucks for his service.
  2. Gives   b. gave  c. had given

2. he said, she ……… nervous while facing the interview.

a.  is  getting  b. got  c. get

3. Arjit Singh’s concert ……….. very late.

a.  begin   b.  begun   c. began

4. I ……… to hurt your feelings by saying this statement yesterday.

a.   didn’t meant   b. didn’t mean   c. wasn’t mean

5. who …….. the truth?

a. did tell  b. told   c. tell  

6. why did you ………. the fact?

a. concealed    b. conceal      c. concealing

7. didn’t he …….. you money?

a.  lend   b. lent   c. did lending

8. did she ………. a mistake?

a. made    b.  make    c. mad

9.  he ………. to the office yesterday.

a.  comes on foot  b. came on foot   c. come on foot

10.  she ………… me everything earlier.

a.  has explained   b. had explained   c. explained

11.   he ……… that job a long time ago.

a.  has left     b. had left   c. left

12. where did you …… it?

a.   putted   b.  put   c. putting

13. I ……. my kite high in the sky.

a.  fly    b. flown c. flew

14. When she sat there, she ………. the sketch.

a. draw   b.  drew    c. drawn

15.  she ………. to me.

a.  lie    b. lain  c. lied

16. my brother ………. to the jungle and …….. gold coins there last week.

a.  go-find       b.  went- found    c. went- founded

17. The accused was ……… on 22nd January .

a. hang    b. hung   c. hanged

18. She ……… the spices.

a.  grind    b. ground   c. grounded

19.  he ……… in the deep well.

a.  felled   b. fell   c. fallen

20. She ……… the difficulties.

a.   bore   b. born  c. borne


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