July 23, 2024

Present Continuous Tense I – (I am doing)

Present Continuous Tense I

We use this tense for temporary activities. So we can say”An action going on” at the time of speaking.

Subject + is/are/am + action+ing + obj +etc.

He/she/it/name +is + doing.

You/we/ they/ plural noun + are + doing.

Affirmative sentences(Present Continuous Tense I)

I am doing (action+ing)

I am playing the violin. You are going to church. He is running fast.
I am getting it. You are getting nervous. She is getting worried.
I am studying now. You are still taking tea. He is speaking the truth.
I am reading a novel. My relatives are shifting to Dubai. It is raining here now.
I’m making a mistake. You’re making a fuss. He’s making a mess.
I’m thinking of going to London. We are solving the sums. Rahul is lying to me.

Negative Sentences:

Sub + is/are/am+ not+ action+ing + obj

Contradict forms: is+not= isn’t

Are + not = aren’t (British), ain’t (American), am + not = aren’t

They are not coming today. I am not playing with her. We are not playing now.

She is not getting me at all.  I am not making him understand the sums.

You are not learning your lesson.  She isn’t asking me anything regarding it.

I aren’t waiting for your response.  (revert, reply)

Interrogative sentences(Present Continuous Tense I):

Is/are/am + Sub + action + ing + obj?

Are you telling me a lie?                 Am I getting serious?

Are they going for a picnic?           Is he talking on the phone?

Are we not speaking the truth?    Is she cooking food now?

Are the girls making a fuss?       Are boys beating them?

Interrogative negative sentences:

  Is/are/am  + sub + not + action +ing + obj?


 isn’t/aren’t + sub + action +ing + obj?

Are you selling not the clothes?   Aren’t you doing the shopping?

Is he not mopping the floor?         Isn’t he gossiping with you?

Is she not kneading the dough?  Isn’t she buying the clothes?

Are they not making you a fool?   Aren’t they solving the puzzles?


Choose an appropriate option to fill the blanks with the present continuous tense i
  1. Where are they  ………. Next Monday?   (do/go/going)
  2. Is he … to the club tomorrow? No, he isn’t …….. The club next Wednesday. (go, goes, going)
  3. Are you …… to  Paris tomorrow?  Yes, I ….. going to Paris tomorrow (go, going, am, was)
  4. Where are you ……. later this evening? I …….  going to Paris later this evening. (doing, do, go, going, am, are, is, was)
  5. Where …… he going next week?  He ……. going to the beach the next week.       (is/are, am, was, were)
  6.   ……… they going to the Yoga center next Thursday? Yes, they …. Going to the Yoga center next Thursday.
  7. He …….. with my friend now.   (play)
  8. They ………. Still ……… breakfast.   (eat)
  9. Isn’t she ………. the guitar?   (learn)
  10. Aren’t they ……… together?   (fight)


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