July 21, 2024

Use of Since- Present Perfect Tense III

Use of Since
Since’ is used as a conjunction, preposition and adverb of time.

See some examples- Use of Since:

  1. From particular past time to present time:

Past (subject + action II), present (subject + has/have + action III) therefore:

Present perfect  tense (subject + has/have + main verb + object) since past indefinite (subject + main verb II)

Since used as a conjunction(use of since):

  • I have been smart since I learnt computer.
  • He has not talked to me since he came from London.
  • He has got scared since he heard the corona virus.
  • Ten years have passed since I got a government job as an assistant professor in college.
  • Robin hasn’t gone home time this month since he ran a new electronic business.
  • Dushyant som hasn’t talked to Monty Pundir since he went to China.
  •  My kids haven’t studied since they came from granny’s home.
  • It’s been years since I did river rafting.
  • Kapil has been promoted since he joined the Pharmacy company.
  • From past time until another time is also in past:

Subject + had + main verb III + object since Subject + main verb II.

  • My friend told me to join his company in 2016. I hadn’t made any mistake since I joined this company in 2018.
  • It had been two years since I didn’t teach English.

Use of since as a preposition:  

I haven’t seen him since 2019.

She hasn’t talked to me since her marriage.

They haven’t played cricket since 12th class.

I haven’t met him since Sunday.

My father hasn’t gone to the office since Friday.

I haven’t gone to Panipat since 2014.

Since opening a new company, he has been busy with his business.

I have had my own business since 2019.

She has known me since July.

Use of Since as an adverb:

  • Since used as an adverb: it uses without a following noun.
  • He went to New York, he hasn’t helped me since.
  • She went for a picnic, she has not phoned me yet Since.
  • I started my job, I have got two increments in a year Since.
  • He lost his wallet on Friday and hasn’t been found since.

When since is used in the starting:

Since + past indefinite, present perfect

  • Since he went to a convent school in 2015, he hasn’t spoken in Hindi.
  • Since he joined the cricket academy, he hasn’t attended any class.

or since + action +ing + object, present perfect tense

  • Since joining cricket academy, he hasn’t attended any class

Use of Ever since

Ever + since is used to emphasize actions.

Ever since she joined our group, she has been happy with us.

We haven’t gone outside ever since the Corona virus spread all over the world.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb(use of since).
  1. I ………… intelligent since I learnt computer.
  2. She hasn’t ………. (meet) since she ……….. (came) from London.
  3.  I ………….not (take) extortion from the market since 2019.
  4. Since ………… (learn) dance, he ………. busy in his rehearsal.
  5. I haven’t ………. (go) to Panipat since 2014.
  6. He ……. (run) away from prison, he ……….. (come) to meet his family since.
  7. She went for a morning walk, she ………… (come) home yet Since.
  8. It  ………..two years since I didn’t watch any Hollywood movie.
  9. Since ………. (move) from my village, I ……… (talk) to my family yet.
  10. I have …….. (have) this house since my college days.
  11. I ………. (know) my neighbour since 2009.
  12. Since he ……… (go) to Otty, he has been locked down in the city.
  13. It had ……… five years, I didn’t  ………(notice) his sad face.
  14. Ever since she joined this company, she …….. not stayed home.
  15. My father ………. not been to his old company ever since he was terminated from his job.


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