April 18, 2024

6 Preposition Chart: Parts of Speech in English Grammar

We use prepositions before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show the direction, manner, time, place, location, relationships, methods, source, and purpose, or introduce an object. Prepositions are the part of Speech in English Grammar.

 Rules For prepositions

Use of Prepositions of Direction

To In Into On onto
Preposition Chart
  • He came to me on Saturday.
  • He jumped into the river.
  • He is in the cabin now.
  • The ball goes into his hand.
  • I threw the notebook on the table.
  • His car jumped onto the Jeep.

Prepositions of Time

It is used to refer to one point in time. We use‘in’ with parts of the day (not particular times) and particular months, years, and seasons.

  • I go to a temple to pray in the morning at 5.
  • The weather gets hotter in June.
  • My father was born in 1960.
  • I got selected in UPSC in 2019.

We use “at”with the time of day—furthermore, we use “at” with noon, night, and midnight. (Preposition Chart of ‘At’)

At 7 A.M. At noon At night At midnight
Preposition Chart
  • He comes from the office at midnight.
  • My brother goes to the office at 9:00.
  • He does not take lunch at noon.
  • He seldom comes with me for an evening walk.

Use “on” with days and dates

  • He works on Sundays.
  • He goes to the office on foot on Saturdays.
  • I organized the party on 18th April.
  • My brother does the shopping on weekends

Time-expressing prepositions are used to refer to extended time

During From…..to From…until With
Within By Since for
Preposition Chart
  • I have been teaching English in Delhi since 2017.
  • My brother will be working on this project for two weeks. (He will work till two weeks)
  • I will have done my thesis by next year.
  • I have been studying at oxford university and doing part-time work during vacations.
  • I will teach in this institution from November to October.
  • He is doing B.tech from August 2021 until May 2024.
  • I will be google certified within three months. (Not longer than three months)

Prepositions of Place

We use the prepositions ‘in’ (to point itself) “at”(the quality or state being near the place), “on” (the surface), and “inside” (the inner side of something or surface that is contained).

  • They take lunch in the canteen.
  • She will have been waiting for him at the bus stop for an hour.
  • He doesn’t put his books on the table.
  • Keep this jacket inside the almirah.

We use some prepositions to indicate that an object is higher than a point.

 “over” and “above.”

Some prepositions are used to indicate an object lower than a point,

 “below,” “beneath,” “under,” and “underneath.”

Have a look at some examples below

  • The airplane flies over my house.
  • I placed my books above the rack.
  • Basements are dug below ground.
  • I don’t wear the inner beneath my shirt.
  • He stole money and hid it under the bedsheet.
  • I wore the inner underneath my jacket.
  • His showroom is above my sweetshop.
  • His office is over my house.

 We use some prepositions to indicate an object that is close to a point, “by,” “near,” “next to,” “between,” “among,” and “opposite.”

  • My home is by the gas station.
  • My home is near him.
  • The Hyundai service center is next to the Bikaner sweets.
  • His office is next to me.
  • Distribute these devices between you and me.
  • He sat between us.
  • I beat him among the crowd.
  • My English spoken institute is opposite the sweet shop.

Prepositions of Location

 Prepositions of location are used to refer to a location, use the prepositions “in”(volume or an area), “at”(for a point), and “on”( surface).

  • I live in the USA. (an area)
  • I will be studying at the computer lab tomorrow. (a point)
  • I saw a spider on the window. (a surface)

Prepositions of positions

To refer to positional prepositions are mentioned

Inside & outside Through
in front of, behind & Against Within
around beside and near
Off Out of
Across Along
from Toward & ahead of
Preposition Chart
  • The Bikaner sweets shop is across the street from the Oxford Institute.
  • I don’t have to see the jungle along the way.
  • I sat behind the curtain.
  • The zip of the bag is off.
  • Walk toward the fields and then turn right; you will see his farmhouse.
  • Kindly see the checkmark within the suitcase
  • He sat beside me there.
  • He rode the bike around me.
  • He stood against the wall.
  • He lied in front of me.
  • He has gone from office.
  • I hid the wallet under the notebook.
  • His shop is opposite my house.
  • He put the keys inside the drawer.
  • He is outside of his home.

Some Prepositions Are Followed by Nouns Verbs and Adjectives

Verb + Preposition

About: worry, complain, read

  • Students don’t worry about their careers. 
  • MY class teacher complained about the classwork.
  • He read about the future of cryptocurrency.

At: arrive, smile, look, stare, gaze

  • This bus arrives at the bus stop 5 minutes early.
  • She smiles at me.
  • He doesn’t look at the whiteboard when the professor delivers his lecture.
  • Why does he stare at me?

From: differ, suffer

  • My theses differ from yours.
  • She suffers from amnesia.

For: account, allow, search, look

  • This software allows for a new update.
  • One of my friends is searching for a new shop at the corner.
  • One of my friends is looking for a job in a multinational company.

In: occur, result, succeed

  • This incident occurred in three places.
  • My ideas resulted in finding new ways to crack the exams.
  • She succeeded in hiring new aspirants.

Of: approve, consist, smell

  • Judiciary approved of a new bill.
  • This product consists of three vital ingredients.
  • My room smells of mildew.

On: concentrate, depend, insist

  • My brother concentrates on his writing skills.
  • I do not depend on him.
  • Do you insist on him playing games?

To:belong to, contribute to, lead to, refer to

  • I belong to Suryavanshi Dynasty
  • She hopes to contribute to the fund for charity.
  • This road leads to my village.
  • The doctor examined the patient and assisted in referring him to AIIMS.

With: (dis)agree, argue, deal

  • he (dis)agrees with my proposal.
  • She agrees with me.
  • She doesn’t argue with me.
  • I always deal with difficult circumstances.
Some other Verbs are followed by Prepositions
Belong to Fight for Lead to
Rely on Believe in Plan on
Contribute to Fight against Love, like, need, want + to
keep from hope for  reply to
rescue from subscribe to Come from
invest in stop from spend on
consist of participate in thank for
benefit of blame for Get rid of
Preposition Chart

Adjective + Prepositions

Amazed at Shocked at Surprised at
Tired of Worried about Proud of
Based on Related to Famous for
Opposed to Satisfied with Eager for
Different from Necessary for Excited about
accustomed to  acquainted with afraid of
exhausted from interested in exposed to 
nervous about fed up with  serious about
late for good at guilty of 
qualified for  ready for  limited to
pleased with polite to eligible for
notorious for  immune to innocent of
incapable of inferior to dissatisfied with
sad about safe from bad at
capable of content with fond of
devoted to  unaware of Superior to
Kind to pray for  jealous of 
Preposition Chart

This jacket is different from mine.

Getting a degree is necessary for our career.

I am worried about it.

He is satisfied with his job.

He is famous for his skills.

I am eager for going there.

He is excited about his new car.

I am proud of my son.

He is opposed to me.

She was amazed at my performance.

This job is based on data analysis.

He was tired of being sorry to her.

This topic is related to equations.

Noun + Prepositions
the use of The cost of The price of The lack of
A solution to An increase in Influence on A supply of
Belief in The cause of A reason for A possibility of
Evidence of Danger of A method of Difficulty with
invitation to  trouble with  Used to example of
advantage of age, attempt, point  at need, reason, responsibility for need, reason, the responsibility of
Preposition Chart

I found a solution to lose weight.

He has a lack of knowledge.

I have got a problem with the supply of sugar.

The price of iron is increasing day by day.

There is a possibility of approving this project.

fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions with answers

  1. I have three books which are …….. the table.
  2. He jumped …….. the river.
  3. I am not satisfied ………. her performance.
  4. My friend goes to college ……… car.
  5. I didn’t want to look ……… him
  6. She is more intelligent ……… I am.
  7. One of my friends has been looking for a job ……. Ten days.
  8. My friend has known me …….. five years.
  9. Riya Chaudhary had been working in this company …….. 2010.
  10. He says, “he would rather die …….. beg.
  11. I prefer coke ……… tea.
  12. Chandragupta Maurya ruled ………. Magadha.
  13. She will come ……. Sunday.
  14. My father goes to the office ……… 9 o’clock.
  15. I met him ……. last weekend.

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