May 23, 2024

Conjunctions: Definition, types & Exercise


A Conjunction connects elements of a sentence, such as words (noun or pronoun), phrases, or clauses.

The three types of conjunctions:


Subordinating conjunctions
Coordinating conjunctions
Correlative conjunctions


Subordinating conjunction is called dependent (or subordinate) clauses. Dependent clauses cannot use lonely. It depends on another one that is called principal (independent clause) or main clause. and is connected to make a complex sentence.

We can say Subordinating conjunctions are used to connect the dependent clause to the independent clause.

Example: They got angry when it stopped raining.

Subordinating Clauses

After When Rather than Even if
If only As if Whereas That
Unless Once Because While
Although Whenever Since Even though
In order that As long as Wherever Though
Until Provided Before Within
As Where So that If
Now that As though Whether Without &besides



He had reached the destination before his father came there.

I am to see the Mughal Garden when it opens in March.

My relatives had gone before I reached the party.

I used to throw the party whenever I go to friend’s farm house. (Never use ‘will’ with whenever)

You can visit the famous places in Jaipur wherever you want to go here.

If you come on time, we can start our program.

Even if the National Museum is closed at 5 P.M, you could see the Akshardham temple in Noida.


Coordinating conjunctions are used to connect equal elements of a sentence. We connect adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and clauses with the help of coordination conjunctions.

FANBOYS is a trick to memorize coordinating conjunctions.

For And Nor But Or Yet So


You, he, and I are the best friends from college days.

I want to go on a world tour, but I don’t have the money to pay the charges.

Robin doesn’t take tea nor coffee.

Who would want to take juice or a soft drink?

I have been ill for three days, so I cannot attend the meeting at 10 A.M.

The weather is foggy, yet it’s pleasant.


Correlative conjunctions are used to connect similar parts of a sentence, such as adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and clauses. These conjunctions are the pairs of words to correlate two clauses or phrases equally in one statement.

As…………as Both………….and
Neither………….nor Not only…….but also
Not……………but Whether…………..or
Either………Or Hardly /Scarcely…………..when

Join the sentence using suitable conjunction

  1. Both ……. And: My wife loves both places and hills.
  2. Either …… or: It’s getting late now. Your sister should either go now or stay with her guardians.
  3. Neither …….. nor:  you like neither Katherine nor ema.
  4. Not only …….. but also: I will not only meet him but also stay with him.
  5. Whether ……. Or: I don’t think whether he likes water balls or butterscotch shake
  6. No sooner ……. than: he had no sooner reached the bus stand than my friend came.
  7. Hardly/scarcely ………… when: He had hardly finished his work when his friends came to him.


Note: The Correlative conjunctions are used in the parallel structure of the sentences

Have a look at another useful pair of conjunctions:

Conjunctions Use of conjunctions in the sentences
As………….as Luis McKnight is as talkative as his friend.
So ……… as: He is not so creative as my younger brother.
As ……… so As you sow so shall you reap.
Lest ………. Should Run fast lest you should miss the train.
Too ……… to


This thief is too fast to catch red-handed.  (the thief is so fast that cannot be caught red-handed)
Rather ……. than I would rather do a job than do a business.
Same ……. That


This is the same jacket that I l used to wear. (the verb is used after ‘that’)

I want the same mobile that you bought it.

Same ………as She has the same car as mine.

He doesn’t want the same bicycle as yours

Note: (‘Main verb’ is not used after ‘as’)


Spot the errors according to conjunctions

  1. She would rather climb the mountain to watch movies.
  2. Whenever she will cook food, you will appreciate her cooking.
  3. Either his relatives or my colleagues are stealing the information.
  4. Neither my brother nor his sister is helping each other.
  5. She didn’t talk to me since she went to a hostel.
  6. He hasn’t paid my bills since he has joined another company.
  7. She is not clever as her brother.
  8. You are so intelligent so your father.
  9. She orders as if she was my landlady.
  • He is a graphic designer but he thinks as though he was a philosopher.
  1. She walks as though she was an actress.
  • I met the same person who guided me.
  • I had the same jacket as I wore yesterday.
  • I don’t want to buy the clothes that yours.
  • We don’t have much time lest he fired you.


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