May 23, 2024

What are Interjections in English Grammar?

There are eight types of parts of speech. And Interjections are one of the parts of speech that express strong feelings or sentiments and sudden emotions. When we want to express joy, surprise, anger and disgust, that time we use them.

For example: hmmm, mmmm, huh, ah, aha, alas etc.

What are Interjections?

Interjections are not connected to sentences for grammar purposes, especially used at the starting of sentences. 

These are used with exclamation marks, commas, questions marks, etc.

There are various types of interjections:

Interjections that express joy

  • Hurray! We got that business deal.
  • Wow! He has been selected.
  • Hurrah! I won the game.  



  • Alas! He lost his money.
  • Oh! You didn’t find your brother.
  • Ah! His notebooks are wetted.


  • What! He ran away.
  • Oh! You are fired.
  • Wow! You have become a soldier.
  • Whoa! It’s a typhoon.

Praise and approval

  • Bravo! You risked your life for them.
  • Well done! You danced well.


  • Hmm, he is not good for this job.
  • Um, I don’t know whether it is right.
  • Sydney is the largest city of er.. Australia.


  • Yes! She will find the way soon.
  • Nah! he can’t compare with him.

Attention giving expressions

  • Hey! Are you going to the railway station?
  • Yoo-hoo! Who’s there?

Exercise of Interjection

Write correct interjection which should be used with the sentence

  1.   Alas/hurrah! He won the match.
  2.   Alas/hurrah! She lost the game.
  3.  Wow/alas! You have become a soldier.
  4.  Bravo/ well done! You saved him on your dare.
  5. Nah/yes! She can’t go alone there.
  6. Oh! She fell down.
  7. Great/alas! She has got selected in IIT.
  8. What/ hurrah! The thief ran away.
  9. Wow/Shit! He lost the ring.
  10. Oh!/wow! He got a promotion.
What are interjections in grammar?

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