May 23, 2024

“Present continuous & Going to” – Express Future

 “Present continuous & Going to”

  • Present continuous and going to” are used to tell about activities and events which occur in future and those actions have already been arranged or decided before.
  • She is coming tomorrow.
  • He is going to run in the marathon next Monday.
  • They are coming to play the cricket tournament next week.
  • He is going for an interview tomorrow.
  • She is buying a car next week.
  • My brother is leaving the hostel next year.
  • I am going to start learning a programming language.
  • She is going to relocate from here.
  • He is going abroad tomorrow morning.


I am taking admission in a video editing course on Monday.

He is throwing the party on weekend, 18th April.

She is changing school next year.

He is buying a new bullet this week.

He is leaving from Sanganer airport at 9 pm.

  • If we have no definite arrangements that time we use ‘going to’ to indicate the future.
  • What is he going to do in further study?
  • Before, I buy a new house, I am going to collect some money too.
  • He had done his graduation, And what is he going to do in his life further?
  • He is not going to open a restaurant.
  • He is leaving New York on 18th April.
  • Present continuous tense(& going to) indicates future with future time words otherwise “will or going to” are used.

  • I think he is going to learn English soon.
  • she thinks she will learn Spanish.
  • Himanshu Tyagi is going to be/ will be a senior sales manager in the company.
  •  He is going to have/will have his own house.
  • I feel that it’s going to/will snow soon.

Exercise I

Complete the sentences with going to or present continuous(Present continuous & Going to):
  1. The classes …….. tomorrow.   (start)
  2.  She doesn’t have time to meet you. She …….. chief guest at noon.       (meet)
  3. Is he ……… from here?   (shift)
  4. She ………. the party on Sunday.      (throw)
  5. He ……… money.     (steal)
  6.  She ……… from here next week.     (go)
  7. He ……… English next month.       (Learn)
  8. They ……… the interview.     (face)
  9. I ………. in the quiz competition.    (participate)
  10. Rahul ………. for a government job.    (prepare)
  11. She ……. chef.     (be)
  12. The  Principal  ……… strict.     (be)
  13. She is ……….  tomorrow.     (come)
  14. He …….. in the hockey tournament.  (participate)
  15. They …….. India Army soon.   (join)

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