May 23, 2024

Modals with ‘have’- Possession

Modals with ‘have’

Modals with ‘have’ means Possess something or belonging to one.

Present, past, and future modals with ‘have’ verbs:

Subject + modal verb + have + objects

Subject + modal verb + to have + objects

See the structure of Modals with ‘have’:

Subject + could have/might have/should have/ must have/would have + had + objects

See the following sentences below regarding modals with ‘have’

I may have a Ferrari car. We ought to have faith in our prime minister.
She might have an Iphone. You must not have an attitude.  
He can have this villa. I want that I would have a beautiful wife.
I could have a snake. We have to have malaria medicine in corona condition.
You shouldn’t have arrogant. She has to have a pen with her.
He had to have a heavy bag.  (Past sentence but after “to + have”) She will have to have trust in you in this condition.
She is to have one pistol with her. If I had a car, I would go with you on a long drive.
He was to have a sword. She needs to have a Smart Phone.
She needed to have a Smart Phone with her. She needs to have a dog for security purposes.
You shouldn’t have sold all your flats. You were to have one of them. She will need to have an Aadhar card with her if she goes for an interview
She dares to have a lion at her farmhouse Or she dare have a lion at her farmhouse I forgot; otherwise, I could have had my android application for earning money. However, my friend stole my idea.  
Did you see my wallet? I did not, but his brother might have had your wallet. I used to have painkillers at home.  



Spot the errors of modals with ‘have’ and correct them. If sentences are correct, write ‘no error’

  1. He needed to had a laptop.
  2. I may have not a BMW car.
  3. She mightn’t have this kind of notebook.
  4. He can to have this watch.
  5. I could have a flat.
  6. You should not have got snobbish.
  7. We ought have faith in God.
  8. You must not have laziness.
  9. I want that I would handsome kid.
  10. We have to had extra petrol.
  11. She have to have two mobile phones with her.
  12. He had to had a massive bag because he used to go on a world tour. 
  13. She need had some books.
  14. She dares have white rats at home.
  15. I used to milk every time at home.
  16. If I had money, I would have had that jacket.
  17. If I had had time to buy a novel, I would give it.
  18. I missed it; I should have this white horse.
  19. He told that his friend might have your wallet.
  20. I did not know otherwise; I could have have my phone with me.

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