May 23, 2024

Use of Would in Grammar

Would in Grammar

‘Would’ meaning in English is used in various ways. Let’s see some usages:

Rule 1:

‘Would in Grammar’ is used in the present and future for polite requests:

Would you help me in this matter?

Would you do me a favour, please?

Would you mind shifting a bit, please?

Would you mind closing the door, please?

Note: ‘could’ is also used for polite requests.

Rule 2 (Would in Grammar):

In the future, to show the feeling of excitement and happiness:

I would go home after a long time.

It’s very hot. I would take a bath.

It’s very cold today. I would take tea.

I am so tired. I would sleep now.

Rule 3:

It shows past habits(Would in Grammar):

I would/used to play marbles in childhood.

I would/used to read a novel before sleeping every day.

I would/used to take tea. But now I take coffee.

She would/used to eat cotton candies in childhood.

She wouldn’t use to go to the temple during school days. But now she goes every day.

 Rule 4 (Would in Grammar)

‘Would’ is Used as the past form of will. It means the future in the past when reporting what somebody has said or expressed.

He told me that she will there the next day.  

(would in the place of will)

 She told him that he will join Army. (would in place of will)

My teacher told me that the principal will not tolerate it anymore. (‘Would’ in the place of will)

 Rule 5 (Would in Grammar).

Present unlikely or regret, and wish (you regret in the present for something that is not in your hand that time we use:

If + subject + verb II, Subject + would + main verb + object.

Examples: If I had a bike, I would gift it to you.

If she went yesterday, he would come to meet me.

If he got selected for a government job, he would get married.

If Radhika took admission to a college, she would get the highest marks in the class.

Rule 6:Would in Grammar

Would that, I wish, I would and If only” are the expression which is used to share regret or dissatisfaction with the present: 

Would that I were a minister! (present condition)

Would that he had worked there! (past situation)

She wishes she had money now. (present condition)

I wish I had had a car then. (past condition)

If only I had joined this centre last month.

‘Would’ is used when the subjects of both sentences are different. E.g.

I wish he would get selected for a bank job.

Rule 7.

The supposition in present condition:

If I were the director of this company, I would kick him out.

If I were an eagle, I would fly in the sky without a fear.

If she were the landlady, she wouldn’t tolerate our foul language in the room.

If Katherine were an actress, she would play a role very well.

Exercise I(Would in Grammar): 

Find the suitable verb (Would) and fill in the blanks:

  1. ………. you mind……….. (move) a bit?
  2. Would that I………. an actor!
  3. Would that she………. (get) a job in Google!
  4. If Rohit………. (study), he wouldn’t fail in the class.
  5. She told him that he……….. join the navy. (future)
  6. I…………. take chocolate. But now I don’t eat it. (past habit)
  7. It’s a very hot day. I……….. take a beer. (future)
  8. ……… you make me understand this equation please? (polite request)
  9. If I had money, I……….. donate for the helpless people.

10. She wishes she………. Smartphone now. (present condition)

11. I wish I……….. money then. (past condition)

12. If I were a government teacher, I……… earn a handsome salary.

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