June 20, 2024

Used to (Modal Verb)

Used to Modal Verb

It is a marginal modal verb.

It denotes a past habit that is no longer now.

Used to (Semi-Modal Verb) – Sub + used to + verb + object.

I used to play tips and cat in school days. She used to take coke. But now she takes juice.
He used to play hopscotch in childhood. He used to live in Jaipur. But now he lives in Muzaffarnagar.
She used to go to the temple every day. I used to write a diary.
I used to play boxing. But I quitted because of an injury. I didn’t use to tell a lie, but now I do.
They used to cook food before getting married. I have never done it before.
I used to play cards but no longer now. Do you still play cards? I still play cards, but my friend doesn’t play cards anymore.

Negative sentences: (Used to (Modal Verb)

Subject + didn’t + use to + m.v. + object.

I didn’t use to get up early in the morning. She didn’t use to take milk.
He didn’t use to take liquor.   I didn’t use to ride a bicycle.


Interrogative type I:

Did + subject + use to + verb + object?

Did you use to play badminton in high school? No, I didn’t use to play badminton in high school. But my best friend who used to play a lot. Did your father use to do gardening? He used to do gardening, but these days he is sick.  
Did your brother use to take drugs? He used to take drugs but no longer now. Did you use to play peekaboo? No, I didn’t use to play Peekaboo.  
Did she use to eat cotton candies? Yes, she used to eat cotton candies. But no longer now. Did your father use to take tobacco? No, he didn’t use to take tobacco.

Interrogative type II:

Did + subject + not + use to + verb + object?

Did she not use to swim? She didn’t use to swim. Now she has learnt how to swim. And she goes swimming. Did he not use to play kabaddi? He didn’t use to play kabaddi. But now he goes to the gym and does running. And he has participated in the Kabaddi team. 


Didn’t + subject + use to + verb + object?

Didn’t he use to take liquor? Didn’t he use to smoke?

Wh words:

Wh words + didn’t + subject + use to + verb + object ?


Wh words + did + subject + not + use to + verb + object?

What did you use to do after lunch when you were a kid? Why didn’t you use to take non-veg in childhood?
Where did you use to go on summer vacation? Where did you use to play billiards?  

Note: ‘Would’ is also used in the place of used to. But 

‘Used to’ has more usage than ‘would’.


Used to have

It is used when a person had a habit of having something in the past.

I used to have painkiller pills nearby my bed. She used to have two mobile phones with her.

Exercise of Used to (Modal Verbs):

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate verb


   She used to write to her friends.

  1. Did you ….. play marbles?
  2. I …….. play hide and seek.
  3. She ….. play blind man’s bull.
  4. They didn’t ……. Play ducks and drakes.
  5. Why …….. he use to play cops and robbers with your friends?
  6. Why did he not …….. study in wee hours with you?
  7. Where …… you…… see bioscope cinema?
  8. He didn’t …… play hide and seek with his friends in childhood.      
  9. …. She ….. to walk in the morning every day.

10. What …… you…..to do after lunch when you were a kid?

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