July 23, 2024

Passive Voice of Modals

Passive Voice of Modals

Rules of verb ‘to be’:


Object Can/could/may/might/should Must/ought/would Be + m.v.3


Active Passive
Rahul can beat him. He can be beaten by Rahul.
He can lift this box. This box can be lifted by him.
She cannot cook food. Food can’t be cooked by her.
Who can join the Indian Army? by whom can be Indian Army joined?

See more Passive Voice of Modals:

He can be punished. She can be taught here.
They should be sent to a hostel. She might be appointed for this post.
He may be transferred. He could be selected in SSC CGL.
He said that Pankaj would be suspended. He must be terminated from the post of CEO.
Parents should be obeyed. Work must be completed on time.
A project might be completed in time. What can be done now?
Where clothes should be dry-cleaned? All relatives should be invited.
Only selected relatives should be invited. What should be done?
The house should be sold. If the house was sold, every work would be done.
The road should be repaired from time to time. Something must be done.
What gift should be sent? He can be punished.

Passive Voice of Past modal verbs:

Object + should have/may have/might have/could have

               must have/ought to have  + been + v3. + by Sub

Active Passive
The teacher should have scolded her. She should have been scolded by the teacher.
We must have respected our elders. Our elders must have been respected.
The seniors mustn’t have harassed them. They must have not been harassed by the seniors.
Police should have arrested him. He should have been arrested.

See more examples of Passive Voice of Modals

They should have been sent to jail.

Your magazines should have been distributed in towns.

She must have been rejected for her misbehave.

The E-mails could have been sent to the third party yesterday.

A car could have been collided with a truck last week.

He could have been admitted to the hospitals.

Our country ought to have been loved.

Did you solve the sums? No, I didn’t. Sums may have been solved.

Did you steal my watch? No, I didn’t. it may have been stolen by him.


It might have been stolen by him.

Exercise A (Passive voice of Modals).

  Change the voice

  1. He can help me.
  2. Our principal might announce the result.
  3. He couldn’t get good marks.
  4. She must have studied the law.
  5. You should watch the English web series.
  6. He said that I shall learn English.
  7. Who can speak English?
  8. He oughtn’t to have cheated his country.
  9.  He will buy a new car.
  10. He must take admission in bachelor of science.

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