June 20, 2024

Passive Voice of Tenses – Rules of All Tenses

Passive Voice of Tenses

Simple present:

Object + is/are/am + m.v. III + by subject.

Active: He plays football for Indian Team.

Passive: football is played for the Indian Team by him.

Passive Voice of Tenses

He is taught mathematics by his elder brother. The NET exam is taken by millions of students every year.
Is a novel read by your mother?   Cricket World cup of is played once in four years.
A pile of complaints is to be sent to the principal by students’ parents. Is Deewali celebrated in England?
Exams are held next Sunday. Is Holi celebrated in a foreign country?

Note: no change in universal truth, general truth, proverb, future continuous and perfect continuous tenses

Simple past ( Passive Voice of Tenses):

Object + was/were + m.v.3 + by subject.

Active: Our school’s principal rusticated many students.

Passive: Many students were rusticated by our School’s principal.

He was scolded for his misbehave.

He stood briefly when his name was announced.

CBI endorsed the ATS report but later the probe was given to the NIA.

They were arrested for the murder of a friend.

He was rewarded for the quiz competition which was held last month in the school.

She was appointed in the school.

Suman Rao was crowned Fbb Colors Femina Miss India world of 2019.

Her relatives were shifted to Chennai.

It was done to maximize revenues and keep metro fares affordable.

He was escaped from jail.

The result of schools was declared.

The syllabus was revised by all the students.

He was selected in defense.

He was sent abroad for higher study.

Future indefinite:

Object + will be + m.v.3 + by subject.

Active: They will do the shopping for their uncle’s marriage.

Passive: the shopping will be done by them for their uncle’s marriage.

He will be selected in Air Force.

He will be sent to central jail.

I will be hired by a multinational company.

She will be transferred to Kerala.

Will he be taught tomorrow?

 He will be admired for his performance.

Present perfect (passive-voice-of-tenses):

Object + has been/have been + action III by subject.

Active: he has bought an M51 Samsung mobile just now.

Passive: A M51 Samsung mobile has been bought just now by him.

He has been tortured by seniors.

She has been married to Robin Som.

It has already been declared by authority.

Pm Narendra Modi has been left humbled by presidents of two nations personally holding an umbrella for him instead of security staff.

Bomb attacks on Sri Lankan churches and hotels have been extradited from West Asia, police said on Friday.

The new shop has been opened in the corner.

All the newspapers have been distributed just now.

She has not been selected for the NEET exams yet.

Past perfect (passive-voice-of-tenses):

Active: I found that I had forgotten my notebook at home.

Passive: I found that my notebook has been forgotten at home by me.

This guitar had been tuned before I broke it.

This house had never been painted before we shifted in it.

These tigers had been lived in a large number before they were taken out to another sanctuary.

This man had been injected with anaesthesia before the tooth was removed.

I found that my keys had been lost in the drawer.

I knew that she had been beaten by her husband.

Future perfect (Passive Voice of Tenses):

Object + will have been + action III + by subject.

Active: she will have done his homework by Sunday.

Passive: his homework will have been done by Sunday by her.

You will surely have been rewarded for your ultimate hard work.

The cricket world cup will have been finished by 15th July 2019.

He will have been chosen a member of UNO by next year.

She will have been transferred by next month.

The Book will have been written by December 2019.

Will our crops have been damaged by bulls?

Present continuous (Passive Voice of Tenses):

Object + is/are/am + being + action III + by subject.

Active: she is learning the Harmonium these days.

Passive: The Harmonium is being learnt these days by her.

I don’t know. Something is being taught in class.

It is being written on board.

She is being punished by her mother.

He is being scolded at the moment.

The newspaper is being read by my grandfather.

Is he being beaten by his enemies?

Radio is being listened to by him.

He is being stared at by her.

Television is being watched by my children.

Past continuous (Passive Voice of Tenses):

Object + was/were + being + action III + subject.

Active: When I saw her, She was eating water balls in the market yesterday.

Passive: When I saw her here, water balls were being eaten in the market yesterday by her.

The cricket match was being played in my village at that moment.

Were mangoes being distributed to children yesterday?

Was he being insulted?

Was the exam not being taken seriously by her?

Exercise I (Passive Voice of Tenses)

Change the following Tenses into passive voice.

  1. He is making a mistake.
  2. Was she taking water balls there?
  3. Who will deliver the courier?
  4. When I found, he had already lost his book.
  5. I shall have completed my project by end of the next month.
  6. He stole my wallet the other day.
  7. She speaks five languages.
  8. Has he ever killed a snake?
  9.  She broke my heart at the end.
  10. The sun rises in the east.

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