June 20, 2024

Past Modals Verbs – Should have & Ought to have

Past Modals Verbs

Uses of Past Modals Verbs – Should have

Sub + should have + perfect participle (m.v.3) + obj.

‘Should have’ is used to express regretting something in the past.

There was cloudy weather yesterday, but I didn’t carry my umbrella, and suddenly on the way, Raining started, and I got wet. I should have taken an umbrella with me. 

should have attended the meeting yesterday.

He should have come to me.

He should have conversed with me regarding cars.

should have phoned him.

You should have spoken to my uncle. He might have helped you.

shouldn’t have been awake so late at night.

shouldn’t have forgotten my ID card.

shouldn’t have kept my wallet at home.

He shouldn’t have got late for the party.

We should have invited him to the party.

should have celebrated his birthday.

should have gone to my friend’s wedding ceremony.

He should have reached the station on time.

They should have learned English.

My relative shouldn’t have threatened me.

He shouldn’t have talked to me like this.

She shouldn’t have worn tight clothes.

He should have bought new spectacles.

Ought to have: past modals verb

‘Ought to have’ denotes a past action of duty that wasn’t fulfilled, or we avoided it in the past.

You ought to have looked after your home.

She ought to have respected her relatives.

He ought to have taken care of his son.

His wife ought to have served his old father and mother.

He oughtn’t to have smoked cigarettes in a public place.

He oughtn’t to have abused his teacher.

He oughtn’t to have taken a bribe.

Government employees ought to have served their customers properly.

You ought to have feed food to the poor.

Choose the suitable Past Modals Verbs among “could have, would have, ought to have, and should have”.

  1. I………… (buy) a new saree for my wife but I didn’t know she liked it. (Past possibility)
  2. He………. (go) there to play cards with them. They will cheat with him. (Negative regret/past advice)
  3. I………. (lend) him money. (Past advice/regret)
  4. I didn’t have time otherwise I………. (see) his designs) (past willingness)
  5. My brother………. (come) early but his friends stopped him. (Past possibility)
  6. He………. (get) the job, if he reached in time in the interview. (Past possibility)
  7. He…………. (smoke) at the metro station. (Past duty)
  8. He…………. (steal) his madam’s purse. (Past duty)
  9. He…………. (Look after) his parents. (Past duty)
  10. I………… (attend) the meeting. (Past regret)

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